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Frequently Asked Questions

Day 1 check-in opens at 7:15 am on the Constitution Level of the Grand Hyatt. Please follow posted signs and volunteer directions to the down escalators in the main lobby. On Day 1 sessions begin at 8:20 am and Day 2 sessions begin at 9:00 am. The conference ends as 5:00pm both days.

Nothing can compare to being in D.C. for the full two-day BARDA Industry Day conference. However, we want to provide an opportunity for individuals across the country, who may not be able to make it to D.C., to learn more about BARDA and our partners. Therefore, our Accelerator Network will be hosting hybrid video streaming events at their locations, capturing all of our general session speakers on October 15th. Reference the specific Accelerator events for exact details about the hybrid event at each site. Accelerators in Eastern Time will livestream the event while Accelerators in other time zones may follow a locally-specific schedule. These special hybrid events will be an excellent local networking opportunity within our Accelerator communities!

NOTE: Please only register for either the in-person BARDA Industry Day 2019 in D.C. or for an Accelerator Network Hybrid Event. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for a combination of Network event attendance and in-person attendance.

There are two venues on Day 2 of the conference ONLY. All Day 1 (Tuesday) activities will be held at the Grand Hyatt. On Day 2 (Wednesday) some activities will be held at the Marriott at Metro Center.

Further Details: Both venues are hotels that are easily accessible by Metro as well as various other forms of transit. The venues are located across the street from one another, separated by a walk of 3-5 minutes. The Marriott will host several workshops and educational sessions as a part of Day 2 of our BID2019 programming.

Locations will be listed on the Event Agenda, and our wonderful BARDA Staff will be available to provide guidance and directions at both meeting sites.

Lightning Talks are a unique way we try to engage with our industry partners at BARDA Industry Day, and are open to any attendees who want the opportunity to pitch their medical countermeasures innovation. If your application is accepted you will have 6 minutes to give a quick-fire style mini-briefing to a room of BARDA experts and industry stakeholders!

Lightning Talks are a public pitch of a technology or technique to attendees. TechWatch Meetings at BID are a private discussion between a company and BARDA. While TechWatch meetings are also a great way to “pitch” BARDA on your idea, they’re also a chance to solicit advice and delve a little deeper into specifics that wouldn’t be appropriate for an open forum.

They’re very similar. TechWatch meetings at BID will be a little shorter (15-20 minutes) and will only be in-person. We’ll be giving a slight preference to groups that have travelled a long way, since we know how challenging it can be for companies to make it to D.C. for a standard TechWatch meeting. If we aren’t able to schedule you for a TechWatch at BID meeting our TechWatch team will follow up with you to ensure we can still arrange a conversation between your team and BARDA subject matter experts. TechWatch Meeting at BID requests must be received by 11:59PM Eastern Time on Friday, September 27th.


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