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Would you like to meet with a federal agency regarding a product that you are developing?

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Vaccine TechWatch Request

Create a meeting request regarding Vaccine-related products and services.

Request BARDA TechWatch Meeting


Therapeutic TechWatch Request

Create a meeting request regarding Therapeutic-related products and services.

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Diagnostic TechWatch Request

Create a meeting request regarding Diagnostic-related products and services.

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Create a meeting request regarding other products and services.

Request BARDA TechWatch Meeting

We will evaluate your request and route it to the most appropriate resource within the federal government. In some instances, it is not necessary or appropriate for a federal agency representative to meet with companies regarding their products. In the event that a federal agency representative is unable to meet with you, we will provide you with that information in a timely manner.

What is TechWatch

If you or your company are developing a medical countermeasure, platform technology, or other innovative product in our mission space, you can engage BARDA and other PHEMCE partner agencies to gain technical feedback on what is presented and strategic input as to its relevance for our mission at a TechWatch meeting.

Our TechWatch program serves as a front door to government experts to help accelerate success, allowing your product, concept, or approach to be seen by a large number of government agencies and subject matter experts. These meetings are your chance to introduce your proposed solution and begin a dialogue with BARDA as to its relevance to our mission and evolve that relationship over time, as well as to engage other United States Government (USG) partners in the process.

TechWatch meetings can be onsite at BARDA HQs or by telecon and typically last for an hour. Though not required, meetings generally have two phases. The first is a presentation from the meeting requestor to government personnel, which is informal and highly interactive. The second phase is a discussion among the participants. BARDA scientific subject matter experts, program managers and contracting officers will attend; in addition, relevant colleagues from across the PHEMCE may attend.

TechWatch Meeting Benefits

• Gain visibility for your solution
• Receive feedback from USG experts
• Hear techniques and strategies for addressing technical and regulatory challenges
• Get insight on how your solution could fit within the Government
• Better prepare you for a formal proposal submission

Making the Most of Your TechWatch

To facilitate the most productive meeting possible, we’ve found the following items particularly valuable:

BARDA is a data-driven organization, so please be prepared to highlight any data you have gathered that supports your proposal. By providing BARDA with clear information at the beginning of the process, we can better help you identify gaps and analyze areas of your proposal that need further consideration prior to the submission of your White Paper under the BARDA Broad Agency Announcement (BAA)

If BARDA has supported similar products in the past, or if similar products are under development elsewhere, be ready to differentiate your product and explain how it is an improvement to help us better serve the mission. To learn more about BARDA’s existing programs, see the BARDA Portfolio or check out presentations from past BARDA Industry Days

If your final goal is to develop a medical countermeasure that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, be prepared to discuss your plan to address the regulatory strategy and specific pathway for your product’s development program. Don’t worry about having all of the answers up front, but be ready to demonstrate that you have seriously considered this critical aspect of developing a medical countermeasure.

If your product has a commercial market, be prepared to discuss market size and any challenges you anticipate, which extends to providing details as to the manufacturing plan. If not, we may still be able to support your product – that’s one of the reasons BARDA exists – but be prepared to discuss the long-term sustainability plan for the product.

TechWatch serves as an opportunity to talk about challenges, and discuss with subject matter experts about how best to further develop your product or technology.

Offerors are strongly encouraged to participate in the TechWatch program prior to any White Paper or Full Proposal submissions under the BARDA Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) given the discussion held at your TechWatch meeting will likely better inform your company as to an improved position for your eventual submission.


Note: Entities with a White Paper or proposal currently under review for any ASPR solicitation are not eligible to schedule a TechWatch meeting related to that submission given that it invokes a period of silence during the review process. If you have any doubts about your eligibility, please raise them with our TechWatch team.

  • All submissions to are voluntary and are for information only. However, the submission of complete information may facilitate the routing of your request.
  • If you submitted requests, you can Login and view them on the My Requests page.
  • If you have additional questions about the TechWatch program, please contact us:
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Background on the TechWatch Program

The Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act (2006) (PDF - 248 KB) calls for BARDA to reach out to stakeholders in industry, academia, government, and other institutions to identify new ideas and resources for accomplishing its medical countermeasure mission. This has been reaffirmed in PAHPRA, PAHPAIA and the 21st Century Cures Act. BARDA therefore maintains an active outreach and scouting function with three main components: constant monitoring of announcements, publications and meetings relevant to the field; BARDA’s annual Industry Day conference; and the BARDA TechWatch program.

The goals of BARDA’s TechWatch program are outreach to stakeholders across the medical countermeasure enterprise and engagement with them through meetings to discuss their product candidates and technologies and their possible alignment with BARDA’s mission. In order to meet this goal, BARDA developed a web-based infrastructure for organizing such meetings. Organizations can initiate the process of arranging a meeting by providing information and requesting BARDA TechWatch meetings via an online form, either at BARDA’s invitation or on their own initiative. BARDA TechWatch meetings typically are one-hour, seminar-style meetings with appropriate Program and Technical staff, either virtually or at BARDA’s D.C. offices. BARDA TechWatch meetings are informational in nature and not part of the contracting process, but the information exchanged may inform BARDA strategies and the engagement may help organizations better understand BARDA’s priorities and be more responsive to its solicitations.

The BARDA TechWatch program is very popular, and has been enhanced significantly in recent years. Since the inception of the program in 2007, over 1,000 BARDA TechWatch meetings have been held and interest in the program has steadily grown. On average, approximately 200 meeting requests are received each year and about 125 onsite are conducted. Additionally, BARDA holds more than 50 telephonic TechWatches annually. The ongoing success of the BARDA TechWatch Program will ensure that BARDA meets its statutory directive to engage fully with its stakeholders. BARDA TechWatch continues to be a key piece in BARDA’s engagement function during routine and emergency operations, and it will remain integral to the success of BARDA’s mission.


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