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BARDA is excited to extend this opportunity again at this year’s Industry Day! BID2019 is being held October 15-16, at the Grand Hyatt and Washington Marriott at Metro Center in Washington, DC. For the second year we will host Lightning Talks, a showcase for pharmaceutical companies, biotech, and other innovators to provide an introduction to their product or approach.

2018 was the first year BARDA included the Lightning Talk session in our Industry Day programming, and it turned out to be a highly successful platform. Nine companies were chosen to give a quick-fire style product introduction out of almost 100 applicants. Those chosen were able to present to hundreds of influential industry experts with great networking, collaboration, and exposure potential – one Lightning Talk presenter even later ended up receiving a BARDA contract!

Each Lightning Talk presenter will have up to 6 minutes to deliver a fast paced, informative, and intriguing presentation. There will be several different presenters and the audience will be treated to a vigorous and informative session facilitating introductions and networking opportunities for the rest of the conference .

Applications are now closed, but stay tuned as we announce those groups selected to present. BARDA will notify those that have been accepted for Lightning Talks the week of September 22.

Presentation of a Lightning Talk is not a government endorsement of your product or service, nor a guarantee of government funding. Lightning Talks are used as market research for BARDA, government, industry, and our current or potential partners. Discussions during Lightning Talks or at any time during BARDA Industry Day should not be directly related to any active BARDA solicitation unless BARDA Contracting expressly states that those discussions are acceptable. If any discussion during Lightning Talks is deemed to be directly related to an active solicitation the Lightning Talk will cease.


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